About Us

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Auto Steel Parts and Rubber Parts to Europe.


Today Rams Hitech Auto manufactures Steel Parts, Farm Machinery parts and Rubber Parts, and deals with the following –



  • Steel Forgings,
  • Steel Fabrications, Machining and Assemblies,
  • Ratchet & Handbrakes,
  • Stand for Trailers
  • Straight hitch eye
  • Spreader Rubber Cones, rubber gaskets, Rubber mats, rubber bearings, rubber seals, rubber mud flaps, rubber O rings etc.

Customizing products according to the customers remain our forte.


Farm Machinery Parts

The farm machinery parts manufactured by us are ideal for heavy usage. The durability and the quality of the raw materials used to make these has been done keeping in mind with current technologies, and trends. All the requirements of your farm are met with these parts. The augur accessories facilitate the smooth running and functioning of all the equipment in the farm.

The prices of these machine parts are fairly competitive, in spite of using very high-end engineering material, and hence, do not interfere with your day to day farm activity. With our machine parts, there is no fear of production downtime ensuring smooth operations. Another important aspect of our machine parts is its steady availability in case of a sudden breakdown of your equipment.

Our wide range of farm machinery parts includes –

  • Steel Fabrication
  • Press Components
  • Zinc Plated Galvanized Parts
  • Machined Components and Forging, Rubber Parts, etc.

Apart from these, any kind of parts can be manufactured according to the specifications of our customers.

Tractor & Trailer Parts

Agriculture has been and will continue to be one of the important foundation stones of several countries across the globe, and hence the industry demands an equally strong requirement of agriculture equipment which lasts, is competitively priced and comes from a reliable source. The choice of the right agricultural machine parts ensures efficiency and an effective and continuous agricultural operation. When damaged, the damaged parts need to be quickly replaced/ repaired to resume operations. Hence, you need parts that are easily available and can ensure durability and quality.

Handbrakes and sight glass fixed, etc. are some of the commonly manufactured and exported Tractor trailer spare parts. All our products are characterized by efficiency, durability and ensure continuous production without failure.

Our agricultural machinery parts have played a very important role in the way we have shaped up over the last few years, and we ensure that every part is manufactured with the latest technology and hi-quality raw materials. Our custom design element and involvement of good materials like high-quality stainless steel improves the performance of every agricultural machinery.

Our Products

Some of the products we specialize in are –

  • Pipe Fittings and Wash Down Adapters - Press Components and Steel Welded fabrications with Galvanizing
  • Steel and Rubber Plated Fasteners
  • Motorized Trailer part - Steel Fabricated Assembly with Powder Coating
  • Trailer Tractor Eye Joint - Swivel Hitch - EN 16 Steel Forgings and Machining
  • Automobile Trailer Forged Locks and Hinges
  • Automobile Trailer Locks - Steel Forgings with Galvanizing
  • Gears - Steel Forging Machining and Hardening
  • Steel Machined Parts - Turning and Milling Parts
  • Domestic and Animal Foot Mats
  • Steel Handbrake for Trailers
  • Foot Mats and Animal Mats - Designer Rubber Mats
  • Plain Mud Flaps
  • Steel Machined Parts
  • Trailer Rubber Door Seals - Rubber Extruded Parts
  • Steel Brass and Aluminum Castings and Machining
  • Automobile Moulded Synthetic Rubber Parts
  • Waste and Garbage Container Forging and Steel Parts
  • Mud Flaps with logos and colour
  • Rubber Metal Moulded Mounts
  • Steel Corner Castings and Machining

Other Products