Steel Fabrication>>>Big Stand for Trailers

The loading and unloading of goods becomes a hectic task whenever the trailer is not attached with a tractor or any other towing machine. At that time it becomes necessary to have an equipment that could avoid the damage to the goods & trailer, and eliminate the risk of injury. The introduction of stand for trailers, which is one of the most inexpensive innovation have made all the problems of loss damage to disappear. There's no risk of gear collapse, as it handles the trailer with the utmost safety. Comes with a maintenance free design, productive and a use to use equipment, stand for trailers fits for all variants of tractor trailer. The heavy weight of the trailer is supported by the stand to prevent trailer from getting collapse and creating hazardous situation around the place. The equipment is installed in such way that it is always be in a ready position, which saves an enormous amount of time. Being made of heavy tyre and the ergonomic design, the stand helps smooth loading and unloading.

It also known as Trailer Stabilizing Jacks


For the smooth operation of loading and unloading when trailer is not coupled with the tractor, a requirement of equipment to hold the trailer for support comes into the need. For the same operation trailer Stabilizing jacks are used. The equipment also prevents trailer to slip away on a sloppy and uneven road, and level up the trailer with the ground surface. The trailer Stabilizing jacks are manufactured from steel having a high tensile strength for the longer service over a period of time. The roughness and toughness of the jack and a night visibility due to reflective collar facilitates all of the operation dependent on the trailer stability. Follow all standard safety regulation and prevent trailer & nearby people from getting damaged due to unethical loading & unloading activity.


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